My Review of the Crave Duet

Sexuality is unique and diverse to a lot of women, and as I’ve grown up in life I’ve found that I have a higher libido than most of my other female friends.

Although I have my own partner who does a great job of satisfying my sexual urges, there are often times when I am aroused, and it’s just easier to satisfy myself.

I was recently reading through a design magazine and came across an interesting looking designer vibrator called Duet by a company called Crave.

Crave Duet

Naturally, I was intrigued by the beauty of it and decided to buy my own and give it a ‘test run’.

The duet is a dual motor vibrator. It has a motor on each end which allows for twice the vibrations, and comes in a unique and compact size.

The tips of the vibrator are soft yet firm and made from body safe silicone, and the rest is made from high quality metals.

The Duet has four different vibration patterns as well as a control to alter the intensity of each pattern.

It’s unique angles and surface areas are designed to stimulate the erogenous zones of your body. The vibrator changes intensity from the tips to the mid section and out to the edge. This allows you to find the sensation that best suits you or when using it with your partner.

Other great features are that it is virtual silent and is waterproof so it can be used in the shower or bath. The designer actually put together a really good video that describes many of the toys features. You can watch it below:

Overall, I’m very happy with my little purchase and I’ll continue to use when required.

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Lelo Vibrators For The Best Orgasms

Lelo Vibrators – The Best Sex Toys Available

Designer sex toys are now becoming widely accepted in retail stores across the world. The types of toys that have become popular with the mainstream range from hand crafted Venetian glass dildos through to remote controlled vibrators. Leading Swedish company Lelo makes some of the best sex toys currently available on the market. The particular focus of theirs is the Females Pleasure vibrators range.

The vibrators by Lelo are different from the more traditional looking vibrators that have graced the shelves. They are innovative in design and built with aesthetics in mind. Not only that, but Lelo vibrators are made with body safe materials and eco-friendly.  These vibrators do come at a more premium price tag, but they are built to last, and once any one of their products has been tried there is no going back.

Lelo Vibrators

The main features of Lelo vibrators are that they are powerful; they have exceptionally quiet motors; and they are built perfectly to fit the female form. The contours and shapes are smooth and they are made from soft silicon material, which feels incredible against the skin. Combining these features together results in some of the best and most satisfying vibrator orgasms available. An additional benefit is that all Lelo vibrators come with built in rechargeable batteries, so you know that a quick charge is always within reach. Most are even waterproof so that they can be enjoyed while relaxing in a bath or hot tub.

Some women still believe that owning a vibrator is something taboo and to be ashamed of, but it shouldn’t be this way at all. It’s a well-proven fact that most women are not able to achieve orgasm with their partners during intercourse, as most men don’t have the stamina to take their partner’s to the point of orgasm. But I’m sure most women will agree that they do deserve their orgasms.

Orgasms are not something to be embarrassed or shameful about, as having great orgasms is well within the rights of every woman. Every woman deserves to have one, so why be declined of that right? Sex toys make that right more achievable, and they are fun to use as well. Many couples these days even experiment during sex by bringing a vibrator into the picture to spice things up.

Whether it be going for it alone, or as an added sexual accessory with a partner, this is where Lelo vibrators do what they are meant to do. And they do it exceptionally well. It’s not uncommon to hear from women who have used these vibrators and have experienced orgasms in only a few minutes. So don’t be embarrassed, get your hands on one, as they need to be used to be believed.

Lelo Vibrators

The beauty of owning Lelo vibrators is that they bring an element of design and sophistication into the bedroom, which makes owning one quite an exclusive feeling. This brand really knows how to take a once taboo sex toy and make it the envy of every woman. You can buy Lelo vibrators online very easily and their range is just amazing. Looking at some of their designs available makes you wonder what goes through the designer’s minds at the Lelo headquarters. These are some truly amazing looking sex toys.

The only problem that will be encountered is finding out which of the Lelo vibrators will be the best one to use. Unfortunately, it’s not as clear cut as that, as buying one of the Lelo vibrators is like buying a luxury car – they are all good, but it’s a matter of smaller personal details and choices that will result in the most preferred one. What it will really come down to is choosing a vibrator for g-spot, clitoral, or dual stimulation. After that, it’s just a matter of personal choice. Either way, you know you will be in good hands with any Lelo product.

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